I believe in self promotion…..

I believe I am honored to have people in my field of expertise ask me for my opinion (should read – geek out).

I believe I will share some of the places I have been quoted or where I am speaking….

I believe I have several others coming in the next two months.

I believe I will keep you in suspense.

I believe in B2B solar powered money making machines…

I believe B2B solar powered money making machines are more then possible in an organization with a good sales team and a kick ass marketing team.

I believe you need these things to build your own B2B Solar Powered Money Making Machine:

  • Marketing programs that produce valuable measurable engagements with the right people at the right companies.
  • The tools/processes to separate the “okay” vs. the right people at the right companies at the right time.
  • Repeatable/Scale-able process/tools to communicate credibly with Sales Team the value of these as “right’s”
  • Content that the Sales Team can EASILY use to communicate with these “right’s”
  • A good professional inside sales team with great follow up skills
  • A good professional field sales team with good demo skills
  • A good professional field sales team with CLOSING skills
  • Sales Leadership invested in training in demo and closing skills
  • Great (ideally drill-able) reporting for both sides (Sales and Marketing)
  • Decent (not great, not good, but not in dire need of Marriage counseling) Sales and Marketing relationship.
  • Leadership that believes in celebrating every win and everyone that participated in that win not just the person that closed the deal (there is no “I” in team)

I believe I will quote my favorite CMO – “The key is to have many of these “Solar Powered Money Making Machines” set up in the desert and you just have to do preventive maintenance on them and the keep printing money.”

I believe that this is possible, I believe this is happening out in the wide world, I believe the above is no particular order.

I believe this is just my opinion (from my Marketing Operations view point) and does not reflect on any company I have worked with past or present.

I believe its been too long….

Its been a year since I posted. So much has happened, changed, evolved, etc.

I believe big life changes are a scary, but regrets are scarier.

I believe I have made some big life changes this year. Moved from Albuquerque to San Jose, Ca., started a new job with a new company. I believe I have regrets, I believe I have made big life changes this year, and I believe I don’t regret any of them.

I believe I am still me, I believe I am a better version of me, for having made these big life changes. I believe I am still afraid of big life changes, but I believe I still make them.

I believe in doing what scares you, like I’m speaking at two sessions at the Marketing Nation (Marketo User) Summit, and a session at SiriusDecisions (these are the “Mecca” of my professional world (think Oscars, Grammy’s, TedTalk).  I believe I have some fear of public speaking, but I believe I can do this. I believe that universe has pushed me the right direction.

I believe I was nervous about going on vacation, (things like – dog sitters, work issues, traveling with my Dad and Step Mom, being able to relax, being completely cut off from technology) I believe this was the best thing I have done this year. I believe I am planning a 2 week walking trip across Scotland in October because I believe I have conquered my nerves about vacation.

I believe its been way too long since I posted on this blog and I believe I will do it more often.

I believe I might be a B2B stalker

I was on a plane recently and the person seated next to me asked me what I do for a living, making conversation. I usually respond with the generic “Marketing”, “B2B Marketing”, or “Marketing Technology”.  I love what I do but people who aren’t into Marketing don’t have a clue what “Marketing Automation” is, so sometimes it just easier to do the 30,000 foot view. But there those times that I encounter someone who asks a follow up question, that isn’t – “So you build websites”.

This 30,000 foot conversation was one of them. I am always curious how long before they get the glazed over look in their eyes when I start to Marketing Automation geek out on them (my record for non Marketing people is 45.3 seconds). I decided out of boredom (no electronics yet) to try a new tactic – shock value!  

“I’m a B2B stalker”, I said in total seriousness. 

This got me a raised eyebrow and silence that I took as wanting to know more. 

“If you come to one of my clients sites, by the time you leave I will have communicated with the sales team, what pages you visited, what you downloaded, who you are, and how many emails we have sent you, how many you have opened, how many you have clicked,  how many times sales has reached out you, or if you have reached out to us, I will know what webinars you have signed up for, which ones you attended live and which ones you missed, and which ones you have watched on demand. Any interaction (inbound or outbound) I will have weighed, scored, and I will have prioritized you based on your behavior and your demographics on if you are ready to engage in the sales process. I will have provided your LinkedIn profile, maybe your Facebook profile and your Google+ profile for not only you but your company as well. If I’m really good I will have connected you to your boss and your coworkers – and provided all this in an easy to read graphic that the sales guy can then dive deeper into if they so desire. 

You might even be getting a call/email from said sales guy before you even leave the site (although even I agree that can be a little creepy)” 

A deep breath from my seat mate – “Yep, I believe you are a stalker” 

I believe in manners

I believe in please and thank  you. Saying hello to a stranger. Holding the door for people. I believe in saying Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukkah. I believe in saying excuse me when I need to get by. Letting people who have 1 or 2 items ahead of me in line. Ending my emails with a Cheers. I believe that manners seem to be missing more and more as I venture out into the US this time of year and I believe I am a sad about that. I believe that email (with pre done signature lines), text messages, instant messages, reliance of parents on teachers to teach these basic human skills,  have all lead to the demise of common courtesy. I believe like common sense, common courtesy is going the way of the dodo bird. I believe I will keep using my manners and hope that other will catch on. Thanks for reading my blog. 

I believe in user groups and tradeshows

One of my favorite “experiences” has been attending user groups and trade shows – from all 3 sides, a presenter, exhibitor, attendee. 

I believe in results and numbers equate success – so I tend to evaluate the success based on what I have learned, what I am able to come back and implement immediately, ideas for the future and relationships I am able to improve, re evaluate, create, etc.

Last week I had to miss my all time favorite “Experience” – Eloqua Experience.  Whenever I attend – I come back and ring the bell on everyone of my metrics of success.  As I have progressed in my chose field I have found that events like these tend to be more focused on the beginner, (I am a well established Rock Star) – but I have found that not every session at an EE has a track for me I can usually find a group discussing something that does work for me in the lobby, usually loudly with drinks and whiteboards,  (which always just feeds my inner marketing geek like ambrosia). By the way the Marketo event is just as good.  

I believe that every trade show, user group is what you make of it. I believe you should plan to go with a problem or challenge to solve. I believe you should be open to amazing possibilities. I believe you should drink lots of water and take airborne.  I believe you should try to be nice to the sales people – you never know how they might be able to help in the future and come on – they are standing around repeating their elevator pitch 1,800 times a day. I believe in following up after the event and I believe in quick add in Linkedin but it still doesn’t replace the business card. 

I believe trade shows and user groups can an amazing experience if done right (from all sides sides).